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Vice Mayor

​​Vice Deputy Mayors

In its structure, the Municipality has four Deputy Mayors, who are appointed and dismissed by the Mayor.

 The Deputy Mayors perform these duties:

  • Organizes and directs the work according to its subordinate areas, based on the divisions made by the Mayor and answers to them for their good performance
  • Exercises all competencies in the performance of the functions of the Municipality and represents this institution in all cases where, with the authorization of the Mayor, this right is delegated. In these cases, the Deputy Mayor responds to the Mayor for the accomplishment of delegated functions.
  • Plans the budget for all the activities it covers and reports to the Mayor to become part of the Municipality's general budget project.
  • Cares for the preparation of annual and periodical programs for all the activities of the apparatus in implementation of the implementation of the Municipality's mission, as well as for the pursuit of the fulfillment of the tasks set forth therein.
  • With the authorization of the Mayor, approves the materials and draft acts submitted for approval to the Municipal Council.
  • Participates and analyzes the work of certain departments and structures under its authority.
  • Reports and responds to the Mayor for the accomplishment of duties assigned to him or to his dependent structures.


The Deputy Mayors of Elbasan are:

 Mr. Klevis Xhoxhi,

Telephone: 054400154

Mr. Jonuz Beqiri

Telephone: 054400153

Mr. Ervin Saraci

Telephone: 054400172

Mr. Artin Kovaçi



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