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​​​​​​Municipal Administration

The Municipal Administration is headed by the Mayor, assisted by its Deputy Mayors. The Municipality is organized in general directorates, departments, sectors, neighborhoods, and administrative units. Civil service jobs are ranked as follows:

    • Director General
    • Director of Departments
    • Head of Sector and Specialist

The Deputy Mayors manage and are responsible for the administrative coverage of some general directorates, as determined by the Mayor with a special act.

The general directorates are the organizational units of the municipal administration, which cover and are responsible for the administrative activity in certain areas covered by two or more directorates. The directories are units of the Organizational Structure of the Municipality and are responsible for a certain administrative activity.

Sectors are a basic unit of the organizational structure of the Municipality that are responsive to separate activities within the respective directorates. The organizational structure, the names and the number of their staff are determined by the Mayor. Also, part of the structure of the Municipality are the mayor's and city attorney's cabinet.

The municipality is divided into six neighborhoods, run by the warden's administrator, and 12 administrative units, run by the unit's administrator.

One-stop-shops operate near each neighborhood and administrative unit. 


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