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Administrative Units

​​​NBHD 1​​​NBHD 2​​​NBHD 3
​QTR: Kongresi i ElbasanitQTR: Qemal StafaQTR: Skëndërbej
QTR: Luigj GurakuqiQTRBrigada 17 SulmueseQTR: Dyli Haxhire
QTR: Beqir DardhaQTR: ÇlirimiQTR: 28 Nëntori
QTR: Emin MatraxhiuQTR: Sul PapriQTR: Syrja Dylgjeri
QTR: Shënkoll



​​​​​NBHD 4NBHD 5NBHD​ 6
QTR: VullnetariQTR: 11 NëntoriQTR: 5 Maj
QTR: PartizaniQTR: Haxhias
QTR: Aqif Pasha 
QTR: Kala​​
QTR: Visarion Xhuvani


Administrative Units

 Administrative Units and Neighborhoods


  •  Administration of administrative units and neighborhoods is conducive to the problems and concerns of the concerned community in the structures of the Municipality and vice versa.
  • Communicates with residents of the unit / neighborhood for municipal policies and projects or programs of the Municipality for the respective administrative unit.​
  • Administrative Units / Neighborhoods, through the coordination department of the administrative units in the Municipality, communicate and cooperate with one another, to accomplish their tasks and solve the problems and concerns of the residents of the units / neighborhoods.


Responsibilities and Duties

 Administration of the administrative unit / neighborhood is managed by its administrator who:

  • It is responsible for the functioning of the entire administration of the respective unit, for the observance of laws and bylaws, in the performance of their duties and respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.
  • It requires and realizes the cooperation of the administration of the unit for the fulfillment of their duties and the orders and decisions of the Mayor and Municipal Council.
  • Organizes and monitors the activity of one-stop-shops, for the registration and registration of citizens requests and complaints and takes measures for their resolution in accordance with its laws and competences.
  • Requests or complaints will be made in writing according to certain forms and recorded in a separate register according to the problem they deal with and in cooperation with other structures of the Municipality give the respective solution or answer the citizens.
  • Once the problem has been solved or the citizen responds, all the established practices are archived in the offices of the region.
  • For requests or complaints submitted to other structures of the Municipality, the administrator gives his / her opinion in writing.
  • The administrator is obliged to respond to and clarify to the Municipal Attorney, whenever requested by the latter, regarding the claims or complaints of citizens and the procedures followed for their consideration and treatment.
  • The administrator is responsible for the well-being of educational and cultural institutions located in the territory of his administrative unit.
  • For this purpose, in cooperation with the school directors, the heads of the education directorate and the Economic Center of Education in the Municipality, take measures for the obligation of the students for the attendance of the lessons, the regular attendance of the lessons from them, and the maintenance of the school facilities and their equipment with the necessary tools. For the abovementioned irregularities, it proposes the relevant legal measures and sanctions, pursuant to the law on pre-university education. (Compulsory elementary education).
  • Also in cooperation with the structures mentioned above, it makes concrete studies and proposals for the establishment of new institutions in the territory of its unit.
  • In co-operation with the heads of cultural sports institutions and the respective directorate in the municipality, it takes measures for the maintenance of their premises, as well as the organization of functional activities in them.
  • The administrator, together with the specialist of urban planning and services, takes measures for the maintenance of services in his unit and controls the implementation of the law in the field of urban planning.
  • Exercises controls and records construction work carried out without a construction permit in the territory of its unit and reports to the urban construction inspectorate in the Municipality.
  • Requires from the relevant structures the provision of services in its unit, such as cleaning, greening, water and electricity supply, road and sewer maintenance, etc.
  • Exercises controls and requires residents and private entities of his unit to respect the various acts governing such services. In case of finding various violations and damages, suspends unlawful actions and proposes to the Mayor to take measures against the culprits.
  • In the field of trade, it controls the implementation of legal and sub-legal acts by various entities in its unit and cooperates with the tax department in the Municipality for taxpayers' identification and collection of various taxes.
  • Take measures for the functioning of markets in the territory of its unit.
  • Identifies and cooperates with O.J.Q. programs for the development of joint programs in the interest of the residents of the administrative unit.
  • In the case of various humanitarian aid, it cooperates with various donors to distribute them.
  • The administrator, along with his administration staff, conducts studies and designs projects in various fields in the interest of the residents of his unit and, in cooperation with the development directorate, submits them for approval to the competent authorities (the Mayor and the Municipal Council).
  • The administrator of the administrative / neighborhood unit administers the neighborhood seal
  • Issues certificates to the residents of his unit regarding their identity, housing status, economic assistance, and any certification related to his duties and powers.
  • Correspondence with the bodies of the Municipality and its other structures is maintained at the offices of the unit / neighborhood according to the rules of the archive.
  • The Administrator provides the Department of Statistics in the Municipality with the necessary information for his administrative unit.

Administrative Unit: Labinot Mal. 


  • Labinot Mal
  • Gur i Zi
  • Sericë
  • Lamollë
  • Benë
  • Lugaxhi
  • Qafë
  • Qerret
  • Shmil
  • Dritas 


Administrative Unit: Gjinar. 


  • Gjinar
  • Lleshan
  • Valësh
  • Pashtresh
  • Dërstilë
  • Lukan
  • Stërstan
  • Xibresh
  • Maskarth
  • Kafërr
  • Pobrat 


Administrative Unit: Shushicë. 


  • Shushicë
  • Shelcan
  • Mlizë
  • Hajdaran
  • Fushë Buall
  • Vasjan i Vogël
  • Polis Valë
  • Vreshtaj


Administrative Unit: Gjergjan. 


  • Gjergjan
  • Bujaras
  • Gjormë
  • Kështjellë
  • Kodër Bujaras
  • Muriqan
  • Thanë


Administrative Unit: Funar. 


  • Branesh
  • Bixëlle
  • Preçë e Sipërme
  • Cerunjë
  • Korrë
  • Mollagjesh
  • Krrabë e Vogël
  • Preçë e Poshtme
  • Stafaj


Administrative Unit: Shirgjan. 


  • Shirgjan
  • Bathës
  • Bujqës
  • Jagodinë
  • Kuqan
  • Kryezjarr
  • Mjekës 


Administrative Unit: Tregan. 


  • Tregan
  • Blerimas
  • Bizhdan
  • Çikallesh
  • Gurisht
  • Kaçivel
  • Kyçyk
  • Muçan
  • Shinavlash
  • Shilbatër
  • Trepsenisht
  • Tudan 


Administrative Unit: Gracen.


  • Gracen
  • Plangaricë
  • Tërbaç
  • Bodin
  • Shingjin
  • Gjorm
  • Pajengë
  • Mamël
  • Dopaj


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