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Functions of the Mayor

Functions of the Mayor ​

·         Pursuant to Law No. 139/2015 "On Local Self-Government", the Mayor, through orders and decisions, organizes and directs the work of the administration for the performance of the functions of the Municipality


·         Exercises all competences in performing the functions of the Municipality, except for those that are the sole competence of the Municipal Council


·         Implements the acts of the Council


·         Has the right to return the acts of the Municipal Council for reconsideration, no more than once, when they conflict with the respective legal acts and bylaws or come in conflict with the interests of the community


·         Approves the organic structure of the Municipality and approves its operating regulations as well as job descriptions for job positions in the Municipal administration


·         Takes measures to prepare meeting materials for the Municipal Council, in accordance with the agenda set by the Council, as well as the problems it requires


·         Reports to the Council on the economic and financial situation at least every 6 months or whenever required by the council


·         Reports to the Council whenever it is required for other problems related to municipal functions


·         Serves as a member of the Regional Council


·         Appoints and dismisses Deputy Mayors


·         Appoints and dismisses managers of subordinated enterprises and institutions


·         Appoints and dismisses other non-executive employees of structures and units subordinate to the municipality, unless otherwise provided by law


·         Exercises the rights and ensures the fulfillment of all the obligations charged to the municipality as a legal person


·         Takes measures for the qualification and training of administrative staff, educational, social, cultural and athletic directors and employees


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