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Message From The Mayor

Message from The Mayor:

Dear residents of Elbasan,


Welcome to the portal of the Municipality of Elbasan!

This new portal will be a bridge between you and the municipality. Through it our work on the development of the city will become more transparent for you. In this portal, your voice will be heard about important decisions that belong to us all. Community thinking will become a guiding factor for decision-making in socio-cultural and economic policies. I believe in you. I believe in Elbasan. It is a magnificent city with a magnificent history and wonderful residents!

I believe that Elbasan can and should be better; with better schools, better hospitals, and better roads. A city of modern welfare, a city of development, and a more successful economy.

I long for Elbasan to be a city of common values ​​and goals, where meritocracy comes before privilege; a city that is governed for all and not just for some. A strong and safe city for all.

I want to rebuild the trust of citizens in the capacity of their municipality and its development policies and I want to do this by taking some important commitments that I will implement before you. On this basis, we will give each other confidence for our city and our future.

I want to re-establish trust in local government through the fulfillment of the commitments we have taken towards you. Some things that were done well by my predecessors will certainly remain intact, but what is for what is outdated is exactly what I will change. I have no intention or desire to replace a whole set of dogmas that exist with others.

And I want above all, to govern in a way that looks at the city, to approach the periphery center and to give the city the unity to face the great challenges ahead. I want to turn Elbasan into a city where she can live well and where everything goes and changes with the everchanging times.

I want a city where we all feel as though we are part of it, building the future of which we all work. A city in which the love I have for my children, I have for you as well.

I will fight for Elbasan to be a city that is not afraid of the challenges of the new millennium and technology, but faces these new challenges and advances head on.

Write to me at and your voices will be heard.

Yours Truly,

Qazim Sejdini, Mayor of Elbasan


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