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Local Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP), USAID, Albania.

Education, Employment and Equality for Young People, Marginalized Groups, Vulnerable Groups, and Ethnic Minorities in Elbasan and Bogovinje

We Integrate Together.
To support the Municipality of Elbasan in strengthening the institutional capacities to draft and monitor policies on the implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities in implementation of national, regional and local policy frameworks.
1. Strengthen the capacities of local staff to monitor the realization and violation of the rights of People with Disabilities (PWDs) and strengthen their capacities through interaction between the parties.
2. Awareness raising on respecting the rights and non-discrimination of People with Disabilities (LAPs) at the local level.
1. Preparation of the Local Action Plan for Persons with Disabilities.
2. Institutionalization of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), establishment of a monitoring system at local level, including the establishment of a database.
3. Build the capacity of the Disabled People's Focal Point (PED) in the Municipality of Elbasan to strengthen its functioning and key actors.
4. Advocacy, communication and public information on the initiatives to be taken to improve the situation of the rights of persons with disabilities.

Barrier-free, Focused Education, Community-Based Psycho-Social Service for People with Vision Problems
The purpose of this project is to strengthen and integrate blind people in Albania.

Information and Communication Technology Applications in Local Governance and Increasing Citizen Participation
This project provided direct support to increase local capacities in the Municipality of Elbasan by offering a better quality of service to citizens, technological communication tools that help improve and interact between local government and citizens, as well as to help increase citizen participation in decision-making.

We All Celebrate
The Eid Qurban celebrated in 1055 very poor families through a package of 4 kg. of meat.

Support in the field of social planning and the realization of the activities of the care of pregnant women, for the reduction of infant mortality and for a safe birth.
Funded By:
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the co-financing of Emilia Romagna Region, the latter is also responsible for the project in question.
Responsible for Local Project Implementation:
Elbasan Municipality.
Local Partners:
Elbasan Regional Health Directorate and Hospital Center "Dr. J. Kongoli "/ Ostetriko-Gynecologic Hospital Elbasan, Municipality of Labinot-Fushe, Municipality of Tregan, Municipality of Papër, Shushicë Commune, Shirgjan Commune.

Reconstruction of Untreated Façades of 48 Apartments in Volunteer Neighborhoods, Haxhias, 11 November to 5 May
Project Goal:
To provide the citizens of Elbasan with a positive vision that enables a beautiful and modern environment and ensures a better quality of life standards in the city.

Transparency of Local Government
This project aims to increase the degree of transparency to various interest groups to effectively manage public funds.

Energy Efficiency Planning by Albanian Municipalities
This project has aimed to increase the efficiency of energy use for municipal buildings with high energy consumption.

Strengthening of Local Communities in Need in Albania / Elbasan.
The purpose of this project is to create a framework of cooperation between the parties in the implementation of the joint EVLC program, which will serve the Roma and Egyptian communities living in the territory of the Municipality of Elbasan (Lagja: May 5 and Beqir Dardha).

We Integrate Together
Improve the implementation of the situation of disabled people through drafting long-term concrete policies.

Juvenile Support Program in Albania
Logistic and technical support for the creation of data bases for statistical data on children.

For Better Social Policies
Establishment of a Regional Social Plan by the successful Elbasan Municipal Model to develop valid social policies where the Municipality of Elbasan in the role of the leader and its technical assistance and the Municipality of Forlì-Italy will include in planning a territory that includes some the municipality around it with approximately 170,000 inhabitants. This will be an innovation in matters of social planning beyond an administrative territory by planning common challenges and interventions.

Education, A Step Towards Integration
Pre-school education of Roma children through the opening and functioning of 45-day kindergarten and anti-illiteracy courses for young people of this community as only education can avoid unemployment and poverty.

Awareness Raising Activities
Sensitization and lobbying for citizens and institutions for the rights of social groups in all international days with the participation of many NGOs. These activities are organized on International Children's Day, Women, People with Disabilities, the Elderly, Roma, and against Violence against Children, Women and Family Relations as well as against child labor.

Support of Children with Social Problems
Beneficiaries are about 50 children of very poor families and the Roma community with visits and free medical medications.

For a Better Living
You have been offered social support to 5 very poor families and social problems and lack of shelter.

Summer Camp
Co-organizers and funders of summer camps for 150 children of the Roma community and other families with social problems

Child Financial Support for Income Generation
Supporting micro-credit for 12 households for creating and generating income by stimulating private activity, selling clothing items etc.

Support for Preschool Education
Financial support for 12 children of very poor families for continuing pre-school education in the city's kindergartens.

Capacity Building for the Child Protection Network
Trained about 200 people from the local social service administration, school teachers, and kindergarten educators, staff from the Public Health Department, police, labor inspectorate, and Law Enforcement Office no. 10347 dated 4.11.2010 "On the rights of the child" and the responsible and monitoring agencies for their implementation.

Preventing Trafficking Children.
The issue of trafficking human beings, especially of children, was supported by an initiative for setting up a field team with Roma community educators, who through the identification of social, health, and educational problems, would provide services to improve the living conditions of the Roma community. About 108 unregistered children have been identified and to date, have registered 15 of them, have been helped with the health booklet 180 cases, and vaccinated 70 children. Computer courses, English language courses, crafts, cultural activities, and summer camps have been developed with 90 beneficiary children's services.

Integration Through Participation.
Creating capacities for 30 Roma community representatives to achieve good representation and addressing needs in responsible institutions

Zekat Project
Economic aid for 180 vulnerable families.

The Mario Anti-Trafficking Project
Overcoming the annual economic needs for 20 very poor families​


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