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Projects won from the donors 2019-2016 in Elbasan Municipality are as follows:

- Construction of a kindergarten in the "Brigada 17 Sulmuese" neighborhood.

- Water-supply construction in the village of Labinot-Mal.

- Embrace diversity

- Protected waters for healthy communities

- ROMACTED "Promoting Good Governance and Empowering the Roma Community at Local Level"

- Alternative Kindergarten

- Rehabilitation of the houses of the Roma and Egyptian community

- Forest improvements in Shushice

- Full reconstruction of "Bardhyl Popa" Elementary School

- Improved access for women and girls in Elbasan County, who are surviving victims of violence.

- "Allow me and make Possible my Involvement"

- "Day Center for Young People with Disabilities"

- Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Incubator

- Action plan for Gender Equality

- Nutritional support to families in need

- Training with kindergarten teachers on child protection

- Celebration of New Year Holidays

- Early Childhood Care and Development for Roma Children in Albania.

- SHOTA project with the slogan "React Youth!"  as part of the awareness campaign.

- Reconstruction of the Gastime-Tregan regional road

- Construction of the central heating plant in Gjinar's high school.

- Construction of mountain dams in Paper-Sallak village

- Children's Summer Camp

- Empowerment of youth through employment

- "Your Voice, Your Values, Your Vote."

- Regional project for empowering marginalized groups

- Construction of Pobrat Kindergarten (Gjinar Administrative Unit)

- Integration of emigrants in Elbasan region

- Construction of Pajun Bridge abutments (Paper Administrative Unit)

- Construction of Vidhas-Hasgjel Bridge abutments (Paper Administrative Unit)

- Reconstruction of Mamel Elementary School, Gracen Administrative Unit

 -Reconstruction of Kozan Elementary School, Bradashesh Administrative Unit

 - Reconstruction of Valesh Elementary School, Gjinar Administrative Unit

- Emergency services

- "Towards a comprehensive education for preschool children in Albania"

- Urban rehabilitation of "Zaranika" square and "Aqif Pasha" Boulevard

- Reconstruction of Gostime-Tregan regional road

- Urban reconstruction of the central park "Rinia"

- Reconstruction of "Ali Agjahu" Elementary School

- "The Home of Opportunities"/ Integration of young people in difficulty

- Piloting of Child Protection Policies in preschool education institutions in Elbasan Municipality

- Protecting the rights of children with disabilities through the promotion of inclusive development

- Strengthening Civil Society to Increase Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism

- Intelligent transport system

- Evaluation and monitoring of the environment and air quality in the city of Elbasan

- Rehabilitation of the internal roads of Elbasan Castle

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