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Cultural Traditions and Activities

Cultural Traditions and Activities

​Summer Day:
March 14 is known as Summer Day. It has already turned into a national holiday. A celebration of the renewal of the universe, the perpetuation of nature, and the continuity of life, which is celebrated from the early times in the city of Elbasan, and is celebrated today throughout Albania. Summer Day tends to be a massive celebration with its own rituals and features, with playful games, celebrations with the family, the unique decoration where flowers dominate, but also cakes like ballakume, which is also the characteristic cake for this day. Even though it has become a national holiday, Summer Day remains a traditional holiday of Elbasan, where they gather to celebrate with people from all over Albania.

Youth Marathon:
A youth talent competition with the participation of high schools in the city, with the aim of attracting new talents to songs, dancing, and acting, etc. It takes place annually during April-May.

Nationwide Marathon of the Civic People Song:
In collaboration with several private entities and TV Klan, it is held every year in July-August and aims to present the popular new popular song.

Star Academy:
A spectacle that takes place for months in TV Klan, where new talents in different fields of art compete with against each other and the winners tour is takes place in several cities of Albania. Elbasan welcomes these talents each year in July-August.

Giffoni - The Children's Film Festival:
The tradition of several years in Albania and Elbasan, is organized with the support of several private entities. Various films from Europe and the Balkans take part in this event. The jury has its own composition and the jury of children.

International Theater Festival "Skampa":
An important artistic event that has been held for 17 years at the Skampa Theater during October-November. In this festival are presented artistic, creative and interpretative values in the field of stage art. Theaters from: Albania, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia, Serbia etc. participated.

The International Poetry Festival "Roses of Elbasan": 
An annual traditional poetry event where for two days come poets from Albanian speaking lands, and others from Balkan countries and beyond. Another promoter of the development of artistic and cultural activities is the Writers' Club "Konstantin Kristoforidhi". The poets visit the most beautiful museum and cultural sites of the city of Elbasan and its surroundings, compete with the recitation of their poetry and the jury determines and announces awards. For the most important prize, in front of the municipality, in the "Flower of Poets", the winner is planted tree with his or her name.

Some other activities that liven the artistic and cultural life of Elbasan include:

·         "Study of Literature" and "Little Genius"
·         Two comedy-type theatrical premieres
·         Concerts of the Ensemble "Isuf Myzyri"
·         Recital concerts of Elbasan artists
·         Various book promotions​


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