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Traditional Food Recipes of Elbasan

Traditional Food Recipes of Elbasan
Worm Noodles
Prepared with turkey, nuts, flour and butter. A certain number of strokes is taken, which are printed. It takes a buttery amount to blossom the flour and the pressed walnuts. Then we pour the roasted broccoli juice, a few garlic cloves and a little vinegar and let it boil. After boiling, they are divided into small portions of pots and ripen into the oven. After they are matured, they are taken out of the oven, and put the pieces of roasted turkey meat over.

Winter dish. It is prepared with rabbits and usually in clay pots. The main ingredient besides the meat has the onion, which after it is soured and accompanied by salt of red pepper is pressed manually and extends to the casserole. Bring flesh, oil, a little rice and a pistil to split into pieces and into the oven.

Ballakume Elbasani
Ballakume is the traditional dessert of the city of Elbasan. Currently all Albanians from the South in the North come to buy balloons in the city of Elbasan. The Ballakume is of two types: Ballakume Pasta, made with wheat flour and a little sugar, and the other is sugar balls, which in Elbasan is the synonym of the summer day. Its preparation is the same: in a copper pot, special for them only, they come in order, beating with wooden spoon, dissolved butter, crushed sugar, eggs one by one, yeast, cornstarch and fine. The amount obtained from the spoonful is divided into pieces in the form of round grains and inserted into the oven. Its secret is beating by hand and baking in a wood oven.

It is prepared with wheat flour, water and salt is returned to the dough and left to come in warm conditions. Shuffle into the cake and turn on the noodles by throwing them by hand. In each baking tray, three pounds are placed, among which butter is thrown. Baked in the oven, placed in a hot baking tray, is cut to pieces and, as required, cooked inside the bun or pie. Used only in the morning and was the most enjoyable breakfast. It is a characteristic garrison of Elbasan and has been regularly cooked for two centuries.

Casserole with Yogurt
It is known as Elbasan's casserole also outside the territory of Albania. It is prepared with lamb or cabbage, after washing, salted and oiled, placed in a clay pot and inserted into the oven. When the dough is drawn out of the oven and after it is cooled, the liquid is sprinkled in the bowl with eggs, flour and a lot of yogurt. Insert it back into the oven and after the rust is extracted from the oven and served cold. Used more densely in the spring and summer seasons.​


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