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Honorary Citizens

Honorary Citizens ​

·        The City Council on 24.11.2010 awarded the honorary title to Mr. Engjëll Dakli "For outstanding contributions as Mayor of Elbasan in 1996-2000 for the modernization of local government and for projects for regional development of Elbasan”.


·        The Municipal Council on 23.11.2011 awarded the honorary Citizen's Honor Mr. Christian Gut "For outstanding contribution in the field of Albanology, the promotion of Albanian culture in France and the promotion of the library of A. Xhuvani University of Elbasan”.


·        On May 28, 2011, the Municipal Council awarded the title Honorary Citizen Mr. Demir Hyskja "For the outstanding contribution to the promotion of Elbasan's art and culture for the prominent values ​​in theater and cinematography as an actor of national proportions."


·        On May 25, 2012, the City Council awarded the honorary Citizen title to Mrs. Elena Kadare "On the promotion of the values ​​of the City of Elbasan and the description with special affection of these values ​​in its publications".


·        On May 31, 2012, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen, Mr. Baba Sherif Canametaj," For His Contribution as a Religious and Patriot as a Great, Widespread Cultivator, Who Maintained National and Religious Values ​​".


·        The Municipal Council on 27.06.2012 awarded the title Honorary Citizen Mr. Vehap Xhindoli "For his precious contribution to the development of sports in the city, and especially the development of weightlifting sports at the national and international level".


·        On May 26, 2012, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen," For a Distinguished Contribution to the Formation of the First Albanian Independent State, "the following personalities:

1.      Mithat FRASHËRI

2.      Visarion XHUVANI

3.      Sheh Ibrahim GUMA

4.      Charles Telford Erickson

5.      Signees of the Albanian Declaration of Independence on 25 November 1912.

·        On May 26, 2012, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen, Mr. Ymer Saraçi, "For outstanding contribution to the development and modernization of the city of Elbasan."

·        On May 26, 2012, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen, Mr. Alush Saraçi,"For outstanding contribution to the establishment of the Elbasan Institutions and the Formation of the Albanian State.”

·         On May 27, 2013, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen, Mr. Alexander A. Arvizu, US Ambassador with the motivation "For Integrity, Humanity and Leadership as an Honorable and Honored Friend of our City Contributing to the Development of Community Elbasan and build bridges of understanding between our two peoples."

·        The City Council on October 30, 2013 awarded the title "Honorary Citizen", "For a Special Contribution to the Education of the Younger generation, the Preservation and Development of Artistic Values", the following personalities:

1.      Arnald Deliana

2.      Rushan Krypa

3.      Kujtim Çela

4.      Sander Cefa

5.      Mateo Gurolumi

6.      Xhevair Qafa

7.      Nero Asllani

8.      Eleonora Eminaj

9.      Keti Qose

10.  Durim Shishmani

11.  Zana Pilo

12.  Sofika Oga

13.  Vilushe Jaho

14.  Violeta Sulkuqi

15.  Mehmet Turhani

16.  Emin Palluqi

17.  Zana Gaçe

18.  Keti Pupuleku

19.  Nazmi Hasa

20.  Ismail Haxhimusaj

21.  Ibrahim Gjergji

22.  Beatriçe Hoxha

23.  Merushe Shishmani

24.  Ndriçim Xhyra

25.  Kujtim Gjelina

26.  Astrit Lopari

27.  Ndriçim Beluli

28.  Sabire Cani

29.  Pranvera Zenelhoxha

30.  Adem Balliçi

31.  Klement Koroveshi

32.  Zeqir Sulkuqi

33.  Gjergj Mihali

34.  Ardian Cani

35.  Syrja Dylgjeri

36.  Xhavit Cerriku

37.  Diana Koçi

38.  Eduart Boriçi

39.  Zhaneta Dervishi

40.  Vladimir Kocaqi

41.  Eduart Nosi

42.  Shpetim Çaushi

43.  Shkëndi Shupeja

44.  Liljana Shehu

45.  Meridiana Biza

46.  Marika Sula

·        On May 26, 2013, the Municipal Council awarded the title Honorary Citizen Mr. Tomomir Sinani "Leading Leader in organizing the National Liberation War against the Nazi-Fascist Invaders in the Elbasan District.

·        On May 24, 2014, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen" to the school "Jeronim De Rada" with the motto "Matura of the years '64 -'68 for the passage of citizenship values ​​in the country and beyond."

·        The Municipal Council on October 22, 2014 awarded the title "Honorary Citizen" Prof. Assoc. Recai Akyel with the motive "For outstanding contribution to the increase of professional capacities, the development and modernization of the Supreme State Audit".

·        On May 22, 2014, the Municipal Council awarded the title "Honorary Citizen" to Mr. Tomorr Jolldashi with the motto "For a remarkable contribution to the development of local and national media, defining the values ​​of free Democrat thinking, and echoing the tradition and Elbasan culture ".

·        The Municipal Council on 20.03.2015 awarded the title "Honorary Citizen" Migena Arrlati with the motivation "For her outstanding contribution as a journalist, writer and researcher of linguistics and Albanology and a personality of civil society in the country and diaspora".

·        The City Council on 25.04.2016 awarded the title "Honorary Citizen" to Mr. Krysztof Kwiatowski with the motivation "For his outstanding contribution in increasing the professional capacities of the Auditors of the Supreme State Audit and Public Administration in general".


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