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How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business
How to Register a Business
CBC provides service in the territory, through service counters at local government units, the application can be made at any NRC service window, regardless of the headquarters or place of activity of the subject that requires registration.

What to do for Initial Registration?
A.    Original identification document (biometric passport, electronic identity card), which the desk clerk will verify, copy and scan and in the return the applicant (s). The applicant should not leave the service desk without receiving his identification document.
B.     Other accompanying documents. The list of documents required for initial registration is specific to different legal business forms. Once the type of business to be registered is identified, the applicant can find the list of accompanying documents, attached to the specific application form for registration, which can be obtained either at the KBC counters or at the KBC web site provides service in the territory, through service counters at local government units After verification, the authorized officer (registrar) ascertains that the application is in compliance with the requirements of the law, within the maximum deadline of 1 day from the submission of the application he approves:
1.      Conducting registration;
2.      Issuance of Unique Identification Number (NUIS), also known as NIPT;
3.      Certification of registration and issuance of registration certificates (in case the business is registered). These certificates (one for each business location) can be obtained from the applicant (or authorized person) at each KBC service desk;
4.      Performing an electronic registration publication in the Official Announcement Bulletin of the ICC Registration, which can be seen on the NRC official website, the day after the enactment of the census.

Upon approval of the initial registration of the entity and receipt of the NIPT, the entity should submit to initiate tax procedures at the Local Taxes and Fees, Municipality of Elbasan and at the Taxpayer Service counters at the Regional Tax Directorate Elbasan.

"In the framework of the implementation of the fiscal package, Law No. 9632, dated 30.10.2006 On the Local Tax System with the latest amendments, the approval of the Municipal Council Decision no.144 dated 22.11.2018, On the approval of the periodic fiscal package 2018 whose legal effects start from the date of the initial registration of subjects at the GCK for the purpose of specifying the obligation for Local Taxes and Fees for the Municipality of Elbasan all taxpayers make their declarations as follows:"
1.      All physical or legal entities declare the surface of the land or building where the activity available is available with mortgage documents or any other legal document.
2.      Photocopy of the certificate, the extract of the registration and the identification document (biometric passports or identity card)
3.      Payment of Tax Duties can be performed at any Second Level Bank or at the Post Office of Albania.
4.      Non-payment of the tax due within the legal deadline of July 31 of the current operating year 2018 is accompanied by 1.8% fine for each month delay of the liquidation of Local Taxes and Tariffs based on the Municipal Council Decision no.144 dated 22.11.2018.​


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