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​​​​The economic assistance refered to the legal changes, now is based in an electronic system of application and evaluation on the bases of some variabilties defined as indicators of the poverty level and their verification in electronic way with the data of other institutions related to the process.


Based on the legal changes with the decision of minsters' council date 12. 12 2012 all the families that live in the territory of the municipality have the right to apply for economic assistance. Do they benefit or are they evaluated as beneficiaries from this system the families without working incomes, retirement system or private economic activity or from the wealth?The data of such institutions like the employment office direntory, social insurance, tax office, property office and the one of transportation are crossed  in electronic way with the other data of every applicant's family.The application of the economic assistance is done near the administrative units of the neighborhoods from dates 1- 10 of every month. Later on is done the electronic evaluation and the verufucation with the data of the institutions from the state social service and at the end of every month the regional directory of Sh.S.Sh brings the final decision for every family that benefits the payment.


The payment is calculated according to the the family structure:

The head of the family or the person that is in working age with 1800 (one thousand and eight hundred) lekë per month;

family member that is in working age with 1260 (one thousand and two houndred and sixty) lekë;

family memeber under the working age 900 (nine hundred) lekë per month.

Expect of this are treated:

Children with orphan status 3000 (three thousand) lekë;

Victimes of violence and traficking 3000 (three thousand) lekë;

Children that are born triplets, quintuplets of quadruplet 3000 (three thousand ) lekë;

Foster families of orphan children 9000 (nine thousand) lekë;

Compensation of electricity 1288 (one thousand and two hundred and eighty eight) lekë;

To children, part of rthe obligatory education 300 (three hundred) lekë to every child;

For the vaxines of teh children 100 (one hundred) lekë for every vaxine.

Accoerding to the last legal change the benefit of economic assistance will be limited in time until five years.

For the year 2016 we have this data:


2. Economic assistance for the conditioned fund.

Based on the law no 9355 date 10.03.2005  "For the assistance and social services" with a special decision of the municipal council it can be used until 3% (from 1.09.2016 becomes 6%) of the delegated fund to treat the poor families that because of the conditiones of the electronic system don't benefit from the usual assistance, but those who are really poor. 

The municipality of Elbasan based on the decision of the municipal council no 42 date 25.10.2011 starting from the poverty issue which is very present kept treating a considerable number of families in this way. 

3. Economic assistance from the municipal incomes.

It is a procedure that is determined by law and dictated by the poverty and unemployment; from social problem from the most diferent like the condition of using of  3% of the delegated fund.

This year the municipal council made available around  2.5 million lekë on this goal and have benefitted about sixty five poor families with social problems that do n ot benefit from the electronic program of the usual assistance. 

4. Disability.

a.Includes in its program giving of cash payment for the people recognized as disabled physicly and mentally that are not related to the employment causes, from the committeee(KMCAP) that function near the regional directory of social insurance. The legal base of the decision of ministers' council no 618 date 7.09.2006. For the people of hiogh disabilities they benefit payment for foster care (First group).Actual payment is  10.140 lekë per month. 


b.Blindness payment.

Legal base the decision of the ministers' council no 277 date 18.06.1997 "Beneficiaries of blindness status".

Evaluation of their disability is done by a committee that function near the general directory of state social service. Actual payment 11.510 lekë per month. 

c.Payment for the physical disabled people.

These people are treated based on the decision of the ministers' council no 31 date 20.01.2001 "Beneficiaries from the status of the physical disable status". Their evaluation is done by a local committee and are confirmed by the state social service (people that can not move due to the mulfuctioning of two exteremities or four extremities). Actual payment is 10140 lekë for the disabled person and  10.650 lekë for the foster care person.

These people also benefit a payment for sanitary fittings in the measure  16.000 lekë per month a person. 

d.Payment of working disabled people.

Legal base the decision of ministers' council no 869  date 18.06.20018 "For the beneficiaries in the form of economic assistance from the status of working disabled people.


Beneficiaries are people that are determined as working disabled from the causes related to the employment (because of the payment of social insuarances); burt except the treatment that they receive from this institution they also receive an extra payment in the form of economic assistance near  the local units. Their payments varies from 2200 lekë per month in 2700,3300 and 4000 lekë per month according to the disability group.


Table 25: Application for economic assistance

No of people that apply for economic assistance 86318560725079507822
No of people that are treated with economic assistance 82318223697474946470
Ethnicities (ROMA)164187175189195

Source Municipality of Elbasan (economic assistance sector)


Source CPU Elbasan municipality

No of sexual and physical abused children that receive support assistance 181424268
Mix2  21


The municipality of Elbasan is sensitive about the cases of support to abused children through the coordination of the NGOs network and the activity of child protection unit of municipality of Elbasan. The number of the children in need and the offered support do not have the same parallelism.


Chart of indicators of abused and neglected children   

No of abusive cases and neglected children3239364621
Disable people 343 0
No of neglected children that receive support services from the municipality13158137

Source: The municipality of Elbasan Child protection Unit, sector of social services)


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