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·       The Transport Sector in the Municipality follows the problems of the organization and exercises control over the implementation of the legal and sub-legal acts that regulate the transport activity by the state or private entities that carry out activities in this field.

·       It draws up studies to improve the urban transport plan and vehicle traffic scheme in the city.

·       Plans and follows the route and scheduled lines of the approved departure and return lines for passenger transport on urban lines, city-dwelling and city-dwellings as well as accommodation facilities of regular taxi and vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the urban transport plan approved by the Municipal Council.

·       It is responsible for the well-functioning of urban public transport in the city, and monitors the implementation of the contract of the urban transport enterprise by the contracting entities.

·       Coordinates work with the public utilities sector covering the décor and signaling field in terms of assessing the given tasks and signaling maintenance in general.

·       Follows the ongoing problems related to road signage on its three basic components (electronic, horizontal, and vertical signage) and plans the tasks for completion in accordance with the requirements of the road

·       It organizes and controls the implementation of the Road Code requirements by the drivers in cooperation with the police directorate (the road traffic sector and the municipal police).

·       Coordinates work with other specialists of the department or other departments within the Municipality that relate to city transport problems.

·       It drafts the work plan and controls the state of affairs of the signage sector at ASHP.

·       Follow up the technical and maintenance problems of the Municipality's vehicles while respecting the expenses approved by the Municipal Council.

·       Controls the work of the private operator's supervisor for the urban transport of the city.​


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