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One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Request Service – Complaints
·         The one-stop service office in the municipality operates on a two-round schedule so that it can serve as much time as citizens. The way and types of services are made on the basis of a regulation approved by the superior bodies, compiled according to the municipal regulation approved by the Municipal Council.
·         Every citizen has the right under law 119/2014 to receive written information in response to a request or complaint that he has made at the one-stop service office.
·         The Municipality handles any kind of information that has to do with the functions it covers through general directorates, departments of services and directories in direct services to citizens.
·         Through the standard requests and complaints adopted by the Municipal Council (based on the law), citizens appear near the one-stop-shops in the central municipality and those of the administrative units, presenting their concerns about the issues they think they are dealing with functions of the municipality. The specialist of these offices helps to comply with the request or appeal in a shortened way because of the standard format.
·         Every day, all requests and complaints received are registered in a one-stop shop register and at 15:00 they are delivered to the central archive of the municipality which makes the protocol and the matriculation of each request or complaint.
·         After that, the materials pass to the mayor, who after seeing cyclone any material by addressing problems according to the general chairman or general directorate returns them to the archives. The archive is uploaded to folders under the directories and sent the materials for review. The general directors after studying do the distribution by cycling according to the directories that will follow the problem. Directors of directories are distributing according to specialists covering the problem that the citizen requires.
·         From this moment, any specialist in the department, after being acquainted with the problem, makes the verification in the country, or if there is little information about the problem, call the citizen who made the request or complaint asking him to inform him more about the problem. After looking at the problem and doing legal verifications, compiles the return of the respondent to the citizen by showing how the problem he has solved is solved or how to solve the problem.
·         The letter conceived by the specialists in three copies is routed by each director of the directorate, general director and deputy (in the first copy) and passes to the mayor's office which confirms all the memos with the responses made. After that, you send them the archives, which after the seals keeps the letter written by the directors in the file, inserts them in envelopes and sends in the mail the answers that the citizens have the correct address or send the citizen copy to the office with a stop.
·         This office makes the announcement and dissemination of answers to the citizens or residents of the administrative units.
·         In cases where the citizen is not convinced of the answer, he / she can make a complaint about the response and in cases when he / she receives the same answer, he or she shall address other enforcement authorities.

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