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Civic Participation

Civic Participation
Participatory Budgeting
The Municipality of Elbasan as a body of local self-government aims to establish a constant contact with the citizens and to realize this there is a need to have and use the appropriate means for disseminating development policies and providing public services to every citizen. One such tool is the Participatory Budgeting Process. Participatory budgeting is a process in which citizens actively participate in decision-making on the distribution of public financial resources. Participatory budgeting is not only a consultative one, but a direct process and a democratic discussion of local government decision-making.

Local Civic Advisory Commission
Generally structured around specific issues, these structures can be another effective form of public participation. This commission should be made up of community volunteers who provide information and recommendations to local authorities on issues of their communities. Given the degree of independence with which the citizens operate in the KKQV, it helps to establish transparency on decision-making practices.

Public Hearings
Public hearing is essential to the open and democratic functioning of the local administration. Public Hearings imply discussions or public debates on issues affecting the community and may be the key to ensuring transparency in decision-making processes.

Open Meetings
Public meetings have as their main objective the provision of information and consideration of citizens' views on the planning of various policies addressed to the community. An important feature of public meetings is the participation of a different group of individuals, representing different levels of education and professionalism.


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