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Pre-School Education Service

​Pre-School Education Service

The Directorate of Policies for Preschool Education and is an institution under the responsibility of the Municipality of Elbasan and is responsible for ensuring the quality of pre-school education in the Municipality of Elbasan.

Its Functions Are:

·       It supports the Municipality in drafting development policies in the field of preschool education at the municipal level, taking into account the demographic features, the terrain, the economic development and the local infrastructure.

·       It pursues the implementation of regional policies in line with and in implementation of the national education development strategy.

·       Drafts local projects and implements projects of national character in the field of youth.

·       Maintain the quality of pre-school services by taking all measures to extend it.

·       It implements the curriculum of pre-school education and develops its regional elements.

·       Follows transport problems for educators and students.

·       Realizes the realistic evaluation of the quality of service provided.

·       Organizes and conducts the training and qualification of the dependent teaching staff of kindergartens.​


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