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Fire Service

Fire Service
The Fire Protection and Rescue Service (AMSS) operates under Law 152/2015.

Mission of this Service:
·         The Fire Protection and Rescue Service is a specialized facility of permanent preparedness.
·         The mission of this service is the inspection and prevention, with fire protection measures, intervention for the extinction of fires, the salvation of people's lives, livestock, property, environment, forests and pastures, disasters caused by various accidents, natural disasters, or manmade disasters.

Duties of this Service:
·         It interferes with all the means and forces it possesses for the extinction of fires, the salvation of human life, livestock, property, in every case, accident, disaster and various emergencies.
·         It compiles the intervention ratio, the forces, the tactics used, the intervention costs, the approximate damage caused by the fire.
·         Organizes, inspects and provides technical assistance for the implementation of legality, norms and rules for the safety of life of people and property from the risk of fire.
·         Organizes work to increase the readiness of vehicles, equipment and personnel to increase efficiency in timely intervention to extinguish fires and rescue in the event of disasters.
·         Organize demonstration workouts, meetings and trainings with various institutions and subjects, to provide knowledge on fire safety.
·         Helps investigative bodies, at the request of the latter, to investigate and clarify the circumstances or causes of the firefight and makes the act of technical expertise.
·         Cooperates with State Police structures, with public security institutions, armed forces structures, civil defense service and emergency medical service for the salvation of people's lives and property of fire, technological hazards, natural and other disasters.
·         It compiles statistical evidence for each case of intervention and inspection and sends it to the General Directorate of the MED.
·         Perform studies in the field of fire safety and rescue, in collaboration with study, scientific and design.
·         It regularly notifies the public about the tasks and measures in the field of fire safety and rescue, the risks of fire, natural and technological disasters, and how to provide assistance in these cases through various forms of information.

Elbasan Fire Station currently covers this service:
·         Municipalities of Elbasan, Cerrik, Belesh and Administrative Units belonging to these municipalities.
·         The Elbasan Fire Station will cover the aforementioned municipalities until they create their firefighting stations, as defined by law. ​


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