Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About "Regulate My Town"

Who Administers This Site?
·         The program "Regulate My Town" is administered by the Municipality of Elbasan.

What is "Regulate My Town"?
·         "Regulate My Town" is an accessible online program that helps citizens in reporting on the various problems encountered in everyday life. Just locate the problem on the map, fill in some of your data, select the category of problem, and then write down its details. This problem is automatically sent to the competent structures in the Municipality of Elbasan, which immediately take measures to resolve it. All in an informatic way, all just a click away from you.

What Are the Advantages of the "Regulate My City" Program?
The main advantages of using this program are:

·         Avoiding queues at the offices of the Municipality of Tirana
·         Avoiding bureaucracies in problem reporting and coordination between relevant structures
·         Increase efficiency in problem solving
·         Increase of transparency in the Municipality of Tirana
·         Increasing civic participation in the common goal of improving the environment in which we live

How Do I Report a Problem?
1.      Fill in your personal information
2.      Locate the problem on the map (move the red mark to the desired area or place the street name manually)
3.      Subject is the name of the problem
4.      Select the category of reported problem
5.      Add the details of the reported problem
6.      Add problem files if you have
7.      The report is sent automatically to the municipal structure responsible for solving the problem

What Type of Problems Can Be Reported Online?
·         The types of irregularities that can be reported in the "Set My Town" program are the problems that we face in everyday life; nature reports broken traffic lights, trash in the street, damaged roads, etc.

What Are the Types of Problems That Cannot Be Reported Online?
·         Complaints that cannot be addressed by the program "Regulate My City" are complex problems that require compulsory physical appearance of the citizen at the offices of the Municipality of Elbasan.

Who Gets to See the Email Address?
·         Your email address will only serve when specialists from the Municipality of Elbasan will want to contact you for further clarification regarding the issue presented or when this problem is solved. We will never give your email address to anyone unless we are legally bound. ​